Giving Students a Vision of Influence Through Community Varsity Leaders

What is a Community Varsity Leader / Facilitator?

A facilitator is a model community leader that helps guide students through the VLA program. Facilitators guide students through a one-hour session per week for five weeks, followed by a community outreach project. As a facilitator, you can expect to lead the following actions:

Why Become a Facilitator?

According to a One Hope Global Youth Study, 66% of Gen Z teens in the US deal with high anxiety and 74% with loneliness. By becoming a facilitator, you can help students overcome feelings of doubt and hopelessness so they can realize their full potential. This is a great opportunity for caring, passionate leaders from the community to help students develop value-based leadership skills and inspire them to make a difference!

*Global Youth Culture: Insights from a Digital Generation, OneHope. USA Data. Please note these are not necessarily clinical levels of depression or anxiety. Teens interpreted for themselves the terms provided and self-reported if they felt they had experienced them.

Facilitator Values

Facilitators empower students to serve and impact those around them.
As a mentor and a resource, facilitators are:



We have resources that we can provide you to support you throughout your VLA journey.

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